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  • What is the Woman's Department Club?
    The Woman's Department Club is a non-profit, century old club. The club was established by Shreveport women who wanted to promote literacy and education among women as the USA was going through the suffrage movement. Throughout the decades, the club's membership has worked tirelessly to promote the advancement of women in society, but also to provide a place for socializing and establishing friendships among Shreveporters. The club is less active today than in the past, but still works with its limited resources to grow its membership and impact the community in positive ways. Today, the WDC partners with the Louisiana Grandstand music company to help manage the WDC facilities and promote the use and legacy of the historical building. If you are intersted in learning more and joining the Woman's Department Club, please contact the club leadership directly at
  • Can I come see the venue?
    Yes, but we request that you set up an appointment for the best possible experience.
  • How do I hold a date with the venue?
    In order to hold a date, please contact us with your request. We will confirm a soft hold for you, but your date will only be held for 7 days. To confirm your date, you'll have to submit your contract and a deposit.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, checks, venmo and most credit cards.
  • Can I use my own caterer for my event?
    Yes. We are open to all caterers for use at your event. We do have the minimal requirement of caterer's providing us with a liability insurance certificate and abiding by our kitchen cleanup policy. We can provide you with a list of excellent caterers that have been vetted and approved for use at our venue.
  • Does the venue have a sound system?
    The venue does have a sound system that can be utilized (additional fee may apply for upstairs stage sound system). Depending on your type of event and the space you are renting, you can utilize our sound system or bring one of your own. The second floor auditorium has a sound & lighting system that must be operated by our technician at an additional fee depending upon your event's needs.
  • Can I rent your venue for a concert?
    Yes, we are able to rent our second floor auditorium (436 person capacity) for concerts or other shows. We do require outside promoters to utlize our ticketing system, We have a full box office setup for your event.
  • Will there be security at my event?
    Yes, we will assist you in securing the appropriate number of security personnel based upon the amount of guests and type of event. Renters will be responsible for paying security in advance of the event and we are happy to facilitate this transaction for you. A minimum of one (1) Shreveport PD security officer is required for all events that will take place after 5pm.
  • Can I rent a single area or the entire facility?
    Yes, depending upon availability, you can simply rent a portion of the facility. Some events are not conducive to this arrangement, and upon the discretion of management, multiple portions or entirity of the facility must be rented.
  • My event is not a full day, can I rent on a more limited basis during the day?"
    Yes, we can accomodate partial day rentals for certain events or meetings depending upon availability and other events or meetings already on the books.
  • What kind of rentals do you have available?
    The WDC venue is a pretty versatile building with numerous private areas for hosting. The entire venue is available for special occasions when we are not busy with concerts. During the week, the building is available for rent most days of the week for meetings, conferences, performances & more. If you have a special event and want to reserve the venue, plenty of advance notice is necessary in order to block off your date so we don't already fill up the calendar with tea party rentals.
  • What events are prohibited for rentals at WDC
    Currently we are unable to accommodate rentals for college fraternity/sorority parties, political events, gun shows, adult/sexually oriented events and some other events. Contact us if you have any questions regarding your event's suitability.
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